26 year old Dr. Payal tadvi committed suicide because of caste harassment made by three senior’s doctors.

26-year-old Dr. Payal tadvi who was harassed by three seniors doctors against his caste and due to which she committed suicide 

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On May 22, Dr. Payal tadvi committed suicide that was in 2 years of her graduation by hanging herself in hostel room and the reasons due to which she committed suicide was found that harassment made on her caste by three seniors doctors who taught him in the institute.

The three senior doctors are Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Ankita Khandelwal, and Dr bhakti Mehari. Reports made by the investigation department by collecting evidence from payal college and family members shows that she was badly harassed on his caste every time and not even a single word was given to her by seniors due to his caste and whole this thing was happening from last one year from the beginning when Payal joined the Nair hospital and every time she was criticized and totally harassed by three of them.

Payal Family also told investigation Team that Payal told a conversation to his mother in which the words of seniors doctors was “ these caste people do not know anything and that she get admission just by using caste quotes” not only this Salman (Dr. Payal Husband) also told that the first-time payal told her about this whole thing was in December 2018.

Salman (Payal husband) said, “I and Payal were planning to open a hospital in Jalgaon for our own community but now those plans will remain just plans “.

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