Today was the day when we lost our great Indian leader India's former PM. Rajiv Gandhi

On 21/may/1996 indin's 6th prime mister Shree Rajiv Gandhi was died due to the assassination 

Son of great Indian leader SMT Indra Gandhi (India's 3 Prime Minister) and India's 6'th Prime mister or we can say the father of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi non-other than Rajiv Gandhi who was the great Indian leader and former prime minister and server the nation with her power, born on 20/August/1944  and died on 21/May/1996 at the age of only 46 due to the assassination.

Today is the 28th death anniversary of Great Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi and as Indian now it's our turn to remember our great Indian leader who has given us many contribution and server the nation very well and pray for her so his soul may rest in peace.

Rajiv Gandhi son and President of Indian Congress Party Rahul Gandhi Tweet by saying the words that mean a lot and show the love of son toward his father. Rahul Gandhi says "My father was gentle, loving, kind & affectionate. He taught me to love & respect all beings. To never hate. To forgive. I miss him. On his death anniversary, I remember my father with love & gratitude."  these words of Rahul Gandhi truly tell his love toward his father.

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