Mumbai Man is Cheated of RS 96,000 by Fake Google Pay Customer Care No

A Man from Mumbai was Cheated of RS 96,000 by calling Fake Google Pay Customer Care Number because of Error occur while he was Paying of his Electricity bill Using Google Pay.

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On 21 August 2019, a 31-year-old person was paying of His electricity bill through Google pay Mobile Application but while he was paying the error in the transaction occurs due to which the Man has to contact the Customer care Service of Google Pay.

But the because of No information related to Customer care Number he uses the Internet to Find out the Google pay customer Care Number, and he gets the number from the Internet which was posted by Fraudster to trick People and 31-year old Man Allegedly was Duped by the Cyber Fraudster.

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Cyber Fraudster told Complainant that these types of Payment Issue occur quite and its common Issue faced by many users and will be solved in Few Minutes then he sends the money transfer request link to Complainant and ask her to accept that link and click on it and after accepting the money got transferred into Fraudster Account with no accounts details.

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