Driver Fined ₹ 59000 for driving Tractor without licence

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A Man from Gurugram, Haryana Was riding A tractor with Trailer and while riding he breaks 10 traffic rules which include driving without a license, driving without RC, Fitness Certificate, Insurance, Breaking Signals, Disobeying Traffic officer, dangerous Driving and also he carries dangerous goods this 10 Violation leads to imposing of total fined to that Tractor Driver of Rs 59,000 according to New Motor vehicle Act 2019.

Also, read this news of Scooter Rider From Delhi Fined Rs. 23,000 for a traffic violation, Scooter Worth only 15,000.

The traffic officer of Gurugram impounds his tractor with a trailer.

Section Violation Type Fine Amount
177 General RS 500
New 177A Rules of road regulation violation RS 500
178 Travel without ticket RS 500
179 Disobedience of order of Authority RS 2000
180 unauthorized use of a vehicle without a license RS 5,000
181 Driving Without Licence RS 5,000
182 Driving Despite disqualification RS 10,000
182 B Oversize Vehicle RS 5,000
183 Over-speeding RS 1,000(LMV), RS 2,000(Medium Passenger Vehicle)
184 Dangerous Driving RS 5,000
185 Drunken Driving RS 10,000
189 Speeding/Racing RS 5,000
192A Vehicle without Permit RS 10,000
193 Violation of License Condition/Fake License RS 25,000 to 1,00,000
194 Overloading RS 20,000 and Rs 2000 Per Extra Tone
194 A Overloading of Passengers RS 1,000 Per extra Passenger
194 B Seat Belt RS 1,000
194 C Overloading of two Wheelers r RS 2,000 and Disqulaifcation of Licence for 3 Months
194 D Helmets RS 1,000 and Disqulaifcation of Licence for 3 Months
194 E Not providing a way to Emergency Vehicles RS 10,000
196 Driving Without Insurance RS 2,000
199 Offense by Juveniles RS 25,000 Guilty Amt and 3 Yrs Prisonment to Guardian/Owners

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