More than 90 Dogs was Found Killed At Buldhana, Maharashtra

100 of Stray Dogs was Found on Five locations of East Maharastra in Buldhana District which include 90 dogs died and all dogs were found Muzzles and Leg tied with string, Killer is not found Yet.

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Maharashtra:  On Thursday Police officer of  Buldhana District of Maharashtra received a Complaint of Girda-Savaldabara  Road in the forest area where more than 100 dogs were found muzzles and legs tied with string and of the 90 dogs found dead while other 10 are alive and released freely to go.

The dead bodies of dogs were in five locations and the incident come to light when the smell of decomposing of carcasses spread and village people get to know about the incident also Police Suspect that Dogs was Picked up from City and was Dumped in Forest area.

Cause of dogs death will come after Postmortem till now, Case of Preservation of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 is registered against the Unidentified killer.

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