Two army pilots killed after Copper crashed in Bhutan

Two army pilots killed after Copper crashed in Bhutan
Image Source and Credit: News18 

Himachal Pradesh: On Friday afternoon an Indian Army cheetah helicopter who was traveling  from Arunachal to Bhutan crashed in Bhutan at around 1 PM according to source, both the 2 Pilots in which one were Indian Army Pilot of Lieutenant Colonel rank and second was Bhutanese Army Pilot who was training with Indian Army lost their life in Crash.

At around 1 PM on Friday a cheetah helicopter of Indian Army crashed in Bhutan and according to source both the pilots lost their lives during a crash, the helicopter was en route from Arunachal to Bhutan. 

Crashed happen at the eastern side of Bhutan and no certain reason for the crash is found yet, but according to the source, a high-Level inquiry has been ordered to find out the reason of helicopter crash.

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