US President Trump is Going to Join Narendra Modi at event in Houston US

US President Trump and India's PM Narendra Modi

On 22 September Us President Donald Trump is going to join Narendra Modi at Houston's Mega "Howdy, Modi!" event in which 50,000  Indian-Americans across the US will be Gathered there and US President Donald Trump with India's PM Narendra Modi Will address them and this whole event is going to Happen at NRG Stadium in Houston.

In the event both the leader will discuss Howdy " How do you do" basically it's a friendly event which will ties the US and Indian Peoples and reflects the close relationship of India and the US peoples, and according to White House officials the request was made by Narendra modi to President Trump when they both met last time at France for G-7 Summit.

India's PM Narendra Modi also thanks and appreciate President Trump for Joining him at Howdy Modi Event at Houston with his Tweet, Modi Tweets " The Special Gesture of President @realDonaldTrump (Twitter tag) to join us Houston highlights the strength of the relationship and recognition of the contribution of Indian Community to American Society and Economy" and a Hashtag which say #Howdymodi.

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