What is CAB? Citizenship Amendment Bill – What are the problems? And other things you need to know

CAB or Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed on 10 December 2019 in Lok Sabha and 11 December 2019 in Rajya Sabha and has been introduced by our home mister Amit Shah. According to this new amendment in Citizenship Act of 1995 or Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, the illegal migrants who are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are eligible for Indian citizenship, but they must we entered before or on 31, December 2014 and must be living in India from past five year.

Citizenship Amendment Bill

Exempted area for CAB  

  • Tribal Area of Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura Include in the Sixth Schedule to the constitution and area’s under (ILP) Inner line permit.
So from now all non-Muslims or Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains, Parsis and Christians living in India without documentation they will grant Indian Citizenship and can leave without fear only if they have entered India before or on 31, December 2014 and this also means other than told communities would not be eligible for Indian Citizenship.
CAB or Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 was introduced by Amit Shah and on 11 December it was passed in Rajya Sabha by 125-99 votes

What are the problems?

Citizenship Amendment Bill

Now, the problems and why this Bill is Criticized because, it does discrimination by not allowing Muslims or excluding Muslims from this new Amendment and the second thing which is also Criticizing the CAB is that people of northeast says that this amendment will provide benefits to illegal Bengali Hindu migrants from Bangladesh who settled in Large Number across the regions, and many other questions are asked that why bill is not including Tamil Refugees from Sri Lanka and several other communities and religions and this act also fails to follow Constitution of India and challenge the constitution.

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