Stampede killed Over 35 people & several are injured at Funeral of Iran General Soleimani

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Image Source: NDTV News
According to Iranian TV reports over more than 35 people are dead and 48 several other people have been injured at Funeral of Iran General Soleimani who was killed in US Airstrike.

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Iran General Qassem Soleimani was killed in Airstrike by the US last week and on Tuesday at the Southeastern City of Kerman in Soleimani's funeral, more than 30 people are killed and several injured in Stampede, gather for Gen. Qassem funeral.

A people who were the part of funeral procession were injured and many others lost their lives, for Gen. Qassem who was assassinated by US Drone strike at Baghdad International Airport on Friday, was hugely popular and was very powerful, due to which a huge number of peoples gathered in his funeral at Southeastern City of Kerman.

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