PM Modi announcement on Coronavirus says “Lockdown is going to extend till May 3”

PM Modi announcement on Coronavirus,Lockdown is going to extend till May 3

Tuesday: Today, Prime Minister Modi has officially addressed the nation and in which he has announced the extension of Coronavirus Lockdown period till May 3 after seeing the current status of COVID-19 in the country and has asked citizens to follow lockdown properly as they were doing it before.
He also says “We will have to keep a close and strict watch on the places which run the risk of becoming COVID-19 Hot-spots. Hence, let us extend the strictness in the upcoming week to fight more properly against Coronavirus and until 20th April every town, district, police stations, and every state will be evaluated on how much lockdown is being followed so that areas which have less likelihood to turn into a hot-spot may be allowed opening up selected necessary activities.

However, if rules are broken and the risk of spread of Coronavirus arises than activities permission will be withdrawn from those areas and in this matter, proper guidelines will be issued by Govt of India tomorrow.

Also During PM 3rd address to the nation on the extent of Coronavirus, he says ‘Our (Nation) collective strength is a true tribute to Babasaheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar on his birth anniversary.

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